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Our P2P games are produced by 1GPoker which are powered by our very own ULTIMATE GAMING with up to 10 wonderful and exceptional P2P games. 

One of the great features of P2P games is having a real company as your competitor and able to test the player’s skill against real opponents. The games comes with STRICTLY NO BOTS and ensured that the playing environment is safe and secure with our HIGH SECURITY gaming protection system.


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Ultimate Gaming P2P Games

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Texas Poker

Every player will receives two cards face down and make the best five card combination along with the 5 cards displayed in the middle of the table.

Players can trick and fool their opponent in the game of wits to win big money inside the pot.

Poker is not just about having the biggest card but a strong mental game is needed to perfect the game of poker as well.

Omaha Poker

Similar to the normal Texas Poker where the best 5 card combination wins.

But instead of 2, each player will be dealt 4 cards.

Therefore, players must now have the best 5 card poker hand using exactly 2 cards from their hand and exactly 3 cards from the community cards.

Domino QQ

In Domino QQ game each player get 4 of domino cards divided by 2 sections and call the two cards on the left are ‘Left Side” and two cards on the right are “Right Side” with a maximum number count of 9.

The left side value have to be bigger than the right side value, or both sides with the same value to determine the winner


You can win games with 5 types of special cards combinations and will be applicable to apply for jackpot winning depending on certain rules.


Ceme (Take Turn/Dealer)

Ceme is a 2 domino card game where someone can be a player or the dealer.

The winner is determined by the highest value by combining the values of both cards.

If the player card total is greater than the dealer, then the dealer will pay the amount of player bets.

When the dealer card total is greater than or the same total as the player, then the dealer will take the money of bets place by player.

13 cards (Player/Dealer)

In Capsa Dealer, each player is given 13 playing cards, players must arrange the cards into 3 levels / lines. 

The first line consists of five cards. The second line consists of five cards, and the third line consists of three cards. The winning hand combinations will be based on Poker hand combinations. Ex. Pair, Two Pair, Straight, Flush, etc…

In this game you can play as a Dealer or Player

Baccarat (Player/Dealer)

Baccarat is a very simple gambling game in CASINO, all you have to do is place a bet on the Player or the Dealer before starting.

All players at the BACCARAT table can place bets on either the dealer or the player to win. The main purpose of BACCARAT is to be as close as possible to the value of the number 9 on the total card.


Super 10

Super10 is a simple game inspired by Samgong game or Three Pictures.

Every player will receive 2 cards in the beginning and will receive another 1 card after that. Every player will have 3 cards in their hand and the player who has the highest card value wins the game where the highest value is 10.


Sakong / Samgong

Sakong is similar to Super10 but 1 of the 8 players will be a dealer. The rules are the same where the players will be deal 3 cards each and the most value (highest up to 10) wins.

The only difference in this game compare to Super10 is Player can only win if they have the highest value WHILE the Dealer can win if they have the same card value or more than the Player.

Big 2

Big 2 also known as Capsa with 4 players where each player is given 13 playing cards.

The game is very popular in South East Asia especially throughout China, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore.

The winner of the game is those that can discard all their cards first according to card combinations rules and regulations.

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